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איך מזהים רכיבים אלקטרוניים?

איך מזהים רכיבים אלקטרוניים?

Identifying electronic components is easy if you know how. There are a few different ways to identify an electronic component, and they’re all based on the part number or marking on the device. Electronic components can be identified by: Part numbers. This is the most common way to identify an electronic component. You’ll see a […]

איך מזהים רכיבים אלקטרוניים? קרא עוד "

למה אנחנו צריכים רכיבים אלקטרוניים?

למה אנחנו צריכים רכיבים אלקטרוניים?

Electronic components are the main building blocks of any electronic device. Without them, there would be no computers, smartphones or TVs. They are used in a wide variety of industries, such as aerospace and defense, automotive, consumer electronics and medical devices. Electronic components include resistors, capacitors and inductors; transistors, diodes and LEDs; integrated circuits (ICs);

למה אנחנו צריכים רכיבים אלקטרוניים? קרא עוד "

4 סוגים בסיסיים של רכיבים אלקטרוניים

מהם 4 הסוגים הבסיסיים של רכיבים אלקטרוניים?

1. Resistors: These components are used to regulate the flow of current in a circuit. They are designed to limit the amount of current that passes through them, and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. 2. Capacitors: These components store energy in an electric field between two plates and are used

מהם 4 הסוגים הבסיסיים של רכיבים אלקטרוניים? קרא עוד "

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