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QCA TECH LIMITED specializes in representing and selling a wide range of semiconductors, microelectronics and electronic products for over 20 years. We will provide high quality goods and perfect pre-sale and after-sale service.

Our Story

A Global Semiconductor Electronic Component Supply Chain.

The founder of QCA TECH LIMITED has more than 18 years of industry experience.
Their product lines include Microchip, MAXIM, Altera, infineon etc.

Through many years of market exploration and strict quality control, QCA TECH LIMITED has accumulated rich industry sales experience, and has fixed customer groups with a good reputation in the industry.

At the same time, our company has a strict standard for product quality certification, providing a one-stop service for every customer to help them reduce their production cost.

As our customer, you will enjoy the technical support from the original factory engineer. We welcome your valuable comments and suggestions, which will be our priceless treasures.

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why choose us
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why choose us
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Why Choose Us?

♦ Good industry reputation, strong support from suppliers
♦ Acting for nearly 15 production lines
♦ Online Tracking System, “Open and intelligent OMI market” Instant access to millions of product chains
♦ CRM-based software records and accelerates the entire process from initial negotiation to closing between clients
♦ Quick response to various needs
♦ Accurate order execution process using CRM enterprise software
♦ 100% on-time delivery rate and fast shipping confirmation
♦ Worldwide courier, Ensuring no delays in delivery
♦ Flexible trading methods
♦ Deliver information to you in a timely manner
In case an order but something goes wrong, We will notify customers as soon as possible. Any problems will be immediately submitted to the sales executive for processing; You always have control and visibility into your order processing status.
♦ Well-trained, Dedicated staff

Our Company Structure

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Our Social Responsibility

"QCA TECH LIMITED has been the service provider for my company for the past five years. There are a lot of companies out there, but I always know that QCA TECH LIMITED will be there to help us with any issue. They have also managed to handle some large projects and they have never failed us."
Victor Sullivan
Founder, CEO
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